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CLM's Finest


Karima is a high school student at Auburndale High School where  she maintains a 4.0 GPA.

Karima Dewdney


She didn’t always master every subject. In the beginning Karima struggled with her core courses. “When Karima  first started with CLM Learning solutions in 2015, I began to see her grades improve. . . . CLM Learning Solutions built her Confidence in Reading, English, Mathematics, and Science, etc.” according to Karima’s mother Bridget.

Karima says, “You (Mr. Marion) always say, “The key is confidence!” Those words help me keep on going and not give up.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed Karima over the last 5 years. She is a wonderful part of the CLM Family. We can’t wait to see the great things she will accomplish in the future!


Dalvin Grant


Dalvin is working full time at Save A Lot warehouses to save money to start his trucking business. He is a new father to a growing two month old son. He is a young homeowner and is looking to fill his home with a wife in the very near future.

In Dalvin’s words, “CLM helped motivate me and encouraged me to get the highest score I could get.” Dalvin increased from a 15 to a 23 on the ACT after attending our CLM workshop. We challenged Dalvin  not only to excel on the test, but to live the best life that he can.

We believe this is just the beginning for Dalvin, with all of his new endeavors.  We are proud to say that Dalvin is a part of our CLM family.


Joshua Romero


Joshua Romero is a Defensive Line coach at Brevard College in North Carolina. He is also the Hall Director for Campus Life. He recently graduated from college maintaining a 4.0 in his last semester of coursework.
Joshua participated in one of CLM’s group workshops, because his coach wanted to help his entire football team pass the ACT. Joshua remembers: “You assigned homework that made us actually take our time and do it.  We got a lot of practice that way. . . The way you teach us was unique and personable. I learned a lot from you and that’s what made me finally pass my ACT and get accepted into Southeastern University!”
Joshua dedicates his life to helping students. It does our heart good to see CLM family members go on to impact lives! Joshua needed a spark and now he is touching the lives of many young men and women.

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