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"I discovered Calvin to be a teacher who I wanted to emulate. His ability to not only teach, but to motivate the students proved that he was an unusually gifted individual.  . . the skills that Calvin possesses are extremely rare and valuable"


~J. Galman



"Mr. Marion helped me believe that  I could pass the a test that I failed 3 times. My Reading score went up 11 points!!!                                                                           ~ D. Jones

"If there were a prototype for a teacher that could revolutionize American education, it would be Calvin Marion"                                 


 ~ Jeremy E.

CLM partners with Balanced Living Mentorship Program

CLM Learning Solutions has a proven success record showcasing how students benefit from the traditional tutoring and test preparation.  Statistics also show how students can achieve higher learning through mentorship.  That's why CLM Learning is excited to announce a partnership w Balanced Living Mentorship program to aide youth in discovering their identity, along with balancing and building positive character while reaching their full life potential. 


Balanced Living Mentoring program will be CLM's non-profit arm with a mission to accomplish two things:  

Expand our traditional program and further motivate and empower our students.  As well as enable sponsorship opportunities for students with financial challenges; students who meet the need will be encouraged to apply.

We are taking donations for this program and appreciate your interest and help!  We thank you in advance!

College Applications are approaching

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We offer one-on-one as well as group sessions for students, and we offer a variety of learning options for your child's success.  Please give us a call for a consultation and to get started!  

Call:  863-605-9470

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